“Give to Get” – Giving Value before expecting anything in return.

Horsekraft Equestrian excels in manufacturing high quality horse riding goods like saddles, bridles, halters, girths, stirrups and textile equestrian. Our history can be traced back with this famous saying “if you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it”, (by an American author Napoleon Hill) holds true in our case as growing up in Kanpur, UP, India (a city whose economy is mostly driven by its Leather Industry) sowed a silent seed in our hearts to establish ourselves in this trade. We are technically qualified due to our strong education & experience in Quality Management of equestrian goods attained at IISTEM (International Institute of Saddlery Technology & Export Management).

Journey of Horsekraft

Rishabh Sharma with the colleagues at a Saddle Fitting Course

Horsekraft Equestrian was established immediately after that and it all started when Rishabh Sharma contacted Heather Moffett (a renowned name in the Horse Riding world), and from then it was never looking back again for us. Soon under the guidance of Heather Moffett, we launched FlexEE Saddles and taking it further to Finale & Finale Deluxe.

Later years, Master Saddler Steve Sturgess accompanied us who shared his years of experience and trained our saddle makers to overcome technical problems and make one of the best saddles.

Today Horsekraft is a well known name for making quality Saddles and other horse riding equipments. We excel in making quality saddles with continuous practice and effort.

Horsekraft at BETA Innovation Awards 2018 “Highly commended for Saddlery and Tack category.”

It was summer of 2016, when Rishabh met an International Carriage Driver in the UK who was willing to develop a pad to make bad Harnesses fit and good harnesses fit better with less pressure on the horse’s back. Paul Chambers who has qualified for the World Championships in the Carriage Driving, then came to India to work on the Pic-ha Pad.

At BETA International 2018, Horsekraft was awarded as Highly Commended for Pic-ha Pad under Saddlery & Tack category at BETA Innovation Awards 2018. BETA Judges commented “Horsekraft has come up with a very innovative product that is easy to use and adjust, boasting great quality & craftsmanship”. Paul Chambers and Horsekraft are proud of this achievement.

Since its birth Horsekraft has practiced the art of quality management at its own production floor. We have a clear vision to provide the right pleasure & comfort to both the horse & the rider. The company is situated in the most geographically suitable location for Equestrian goods production (as Kanpur has excellent raw material base). We endeavour to stay in close contact with our Buyers and help them sell more by understanding their specific needs and delivering better than promised. The Founders of Horsekraft Equestrian strongly believe that qualities in person reflect in the products that they make. Thus, the success story still continues…